I took this page down for a while...Well, I just decided to put it back up
Well, I'm going to slap up some of my exploits from time to time.
I hope your not evil person using this stuff :)
New release, 25 NEW 0x90 replacements for IA32 (up to about 55 now), new decoder stuffs...
Added IA32_SLIDE (for sliding decode key), this should eliminate the capability of being able to recover the plain text (shellcode) signature from the encoded code...
beta code for this polymorphic shellcode API download ADMmutate-0.8.4.tar.gz. use ADMmutate-0.8.1.tar.gz if .8.4 is giving you problems.. The READ ME is here also.
In a nutshell, this API can mask buffer overflow exploit signatures from Network IDS systems so that they are more difficult to detect. I would have to say, that in situations where a generic buffer overflow cannot be detected by means of some sort of length calculation, this API will currently make the exploit payload 100% invisible to all current IDS implementations. If anybody knows different let me know ;) please provide a detailed technical analysis!!
It currently supports IA32,SPARC and HPPA (as target systems)... Alpha, MIPS, PowerPC are under development.

Hey I lost the ppc patch'd version somebody sent me before, :( If anybody has a copy can you send it to me, thanks!
Here's my old Universal Root Kit... URK works on most OS's... kind of dated though, but works good for what it is :)


OpenBSD 2.7 Rant with respect to lots of silently patched things.... Apparently there is just to much work to keep posting all of these fix's. I hear now they have streamlined the process :)
Nokia IPSO Rant their OS seemed sort of holey for a firewall appliance... I'm going to try to get my hands on a new version soon!!!

All codes here are copy written, and should be respected as such. Anybody who wonders why the format of the exploit copyright is as it is, should ease up and remember what a parody is...
1. Solaris 8 libsldap sol-sldap.c, non-exec stack version.
2. Solaris x86 8 pmconfig if ported to sparc should work with non-exec stack
3. Tru64 4/5 su , need to get around non-exec-root-user stack on 5.0 :(
4. SCO OpenServer mscreen,
5. OpenBSD fstat exploit suid kmem,
6. HPUX stmkfont,
7. HPUX pppd,
8. HPUX kermit,
9. HPUX lpfence ,
10. SCO OpenServer layers ,
11. Solstice Internet Mail IMAP4 Server exploit, it has been fixed by patch 105346 bug ID:4158523
12. qmail-pop3d with vchkpw exploit, sample patch and the vpopmail dist site. Here's the advisory.
13. Solaris snoop remote exploit,
14. UnixWare ppptalk exploit Patch Released.
15. UnixWare xlock exploit, Patch Released.
16. UnixWare Xsco exploit
17. UnixWare su exploit, Patch Released.