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What another website update? Yes, just go follow me on social media ** I'm all about that action... so ** GITHUB.COM/K2 I am also on twitter, ktwo_K2 feel free to hit me up most code is over there now :)
I guess this is my second change to this site in 10 years ;)
OO My Company Security Objectives, got started up. That sure takes a lot out of you. Were working on a binary analysis system to largely automate the discovery of flaw's in software. Initially were concentrating on implmentation bugs, like overflow's and what not. Going good, we may doxygen our meta-data and put it online, we have all of Windows indexed. The point of that is, that it drives our instrumentation, so were able to arbitrially hook/trace any C/C++. I'm using a fairly uniqe method AFAIK to perform the hooking also, I find it much more satisfying than the "copy the first few instructions to your hook" method. Maybe I'll Blog about it. Writing HTML in vi is not very satisfying, even with all the vim highlighing ;)